Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mount Luyendyk, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica

Mount Luyendyk. Photo © Christine Siddoway 

Faithful Followers.

I have been absent for quite a while now working on revisions to my book White Ocean. One of the interesting things that happened in the last year was the naming of a mountain in Antarctica for me! What an honor! I owe it my my former student and now Professor Christine Siddoway who nominated my name to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. Such a warm feeling I have for a truly frigid place!

Our team camped at the foot of Mount Luyendyk over Christmas 1989. At that time the mountain was named “1070” on a reconnaissance map. The photo on this page was taken by Christine during a fly-in on a subsequent visit in 2010.

Our 1989 visit was notable for the dramatic scenery and stunning weather - that didn’t last long. We were hit by a ferocious blizzard followed by a whiteout that kept us tent-bound for several days.

Here are details:

Geographic Names Information System

Mount Luyendyk

76 29 20.63 S; 146 01 37.05 W
1070 meters (approx.)

“A summit, the northern portion of the Mount Iphigene massif in the northwestern part of Fosdick Mountains of the Ford Ranges, 2.5 miles south of Thompson Ridge between Marujupu Peak and Birchall Peaks. Named by Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names for Bruce P. Luyendyk, professor (emeritus) at the University of California Santa Barbara who has been active in international Antarctic research for 25 years. He was responsible for two expeditions and was principal investigator for five marine geophysical expeditions focusing on the Ross Sea area. His cumulative research, findings, and publications have significantly increased scientific knowledge in Antarctica.”

A news release from UC Santa Barbara about Mt. Luyendyk is here!

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